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Hi Farlo
Must be making my point badly because I totally agree with your last post.
My point is manufacturers work very hard to get us to buy lots of kit; much of which overlaps. (boards and rigs) and some of which is almost redundant.
Look at situation with rigs/masts.I`m pretty sure some mathematician (salesman/marketing person ??/) sat down and calculated just how to get us to buy largest number of masts possible. I take 5 masts to cover 7 sails !!!; and my biggest is still a compromise !!!

Point with listing our kit is its just another way of "normalising" having shed loads of kit !!!
Look at Remi`s posts; he lists 22 boards !!!! How does that work !!!!
I struggle choosing between 100 and 125 litres most days ..!!!(And I always think I made wrong choice!!!)

Windy this work so dont care anymore. Keep up the BS Starboard; we all love it really !!!
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