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Default RE: 6.5 sail for gusty lake sailing

Hello again Roger,

I have a 6.5 Retro (2003) (love the sail, sadly, don't get enough wind for it all that often). I'm wondering what you would say was the windrange for the sail with the following kit:

Year 2000 GO (190 litres)
Powerex X3 460 mast
Chinook aluminum boom
154 lb (70Kg) 5' 8" rider
No adjustable outhaul

Let me 'fine tune' the question a little if I may. Assume that the sail is correctly rigged for current conditions (say a wind of 17 knots plus or minus a couple. I picked 17 thinking it would be about the mid range for the sail.)

1) How much MORE, or how much LESS wind can the sail handle without having to be re-tuned (ie downhauled)?

2) What would you say would be the maximum and minimum (to plane) winds for this sail and kit

3) Lastly, would you say that most 'current technology' (let's say sails 2001ish and newer - that's 5 years) would have the same range as in the situation I posed in 1) above - ie once set, a current sail will provide acceptable performance within a range of plus or minus 'x' knots of windspeed change? (Where 'x' is the answer that you provide for question 1)

Apologies for the awkwardly phrased questions. As always, thanks for your time.

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