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Ray Timm
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I've sailed nearly every version of the Evo 70, 74-75, and 80 and the Acid, Pure Acid and Kode in 74 to 80 liters. In some cases I favored the Evo for B/J and others, especially the Acid 80, I found the Acid or Pure Acid better. Some of the favoritism is due to familiarity and the type of feeling one expects from the board. There has been some blurring of the distinction between the two types of boards. The Evo 75-09 is a much better down the line board than the first Evo 74 and the Kodes have some of the characteristics of the Evos in them that the early Acids didn't have. I don't think you would be disappointed with the Evo 80. As Ola says, it sails bigger than an 80 when going through holes. You need at least an Acid/PA/Kode 86 to get the same range.
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