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Default for remi fin advice

Hi remi,

Could you give me your advice for a new fins range.
I problebly will order the debouchet fins.
I do a lot of match reacing with my friends on a lake.
i'm 94 kg and 195 tall.
sails: pryde evo 2 8.6/7.8/7.0/6.2

could you give me for my 2009 101 and 133 isonics the fin sizes and typ's for every combi i have?

For the 101(2009):
min/max for my 6.2 (choppy conditions)
min/max for my 7.0 ( choppy conditions)
min/max for my 7.8

For the 133(2009):
min/max for my 7.8
min/max for my 8.6

thanks and greetings from holland

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