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You are correct, windsurfing was uncomplicated in the early years (1984 for me). As for the dedicated inland sailors in those days, we had a long board and a glass short board and maybe 3 or 4 sails. Beginners weren't much different from the dedicated sailors so it was simple for them to get started and not be overwhelmed by the equipment. We all sailed one of a half dozen or so long board that were on the market with their 6.3 m regatta sail.

Would I go back to those years? No way. Yes it is now complicated with hundreds of choices, but it IS SO MUCH BETTER.

In the beginning, there was only ONE car, but now look at the choices. Progress and marketing, that's the way it goes.

The industry hasn't given up on new people. To the contrary, learning is so much easier today with all the stable, wide beginner boards. On the other hand, windsufing just doesn't appeal to the masses, plus there are so many other things competing for our recreational free time.

To find the right stuff for you, you just have to talk to people, on the beach, at the shop or on line like you are doing now.

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