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Yes it takes trials and errors to find what works best for you, but it is worth the pain, time and money. Guess many of us spend a lot in the first years and then stabilize quiver and only replace most used board/sails from time to time.

Hello Floyd, redundancy is not only due to manufacturers. They have boards every ten liters and sails every 0.5 sqm in order to offer the best combinations for your weight & wind conditions. Now there is always one combination that works best in a given wind strength. So if you want to cover from 3 to 7 Bft you may need five boards. That's why some end up with three freeride/slalom plus two freestyle/wave boards and sails to go with. But this is up to you. If you're not in racing you can still compromise on two boards and three/four sails. This been said, we are not always reasonable and sometimes play the game manufacturers like us to.

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