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Hi Unregistered,
It's often possible to shorten the fin base to get a little larger weed fin to fit in the shorter Starboard fin boxes.
Here's how to modify the fin base:
1/ Move the screw and counterbore back further in the tab on the front of the fin.
Then cut the excess tab off and radius the end to suit the radius at the front of the fin box.
2/ Move the pin at the rear forward a bit and cut off all the excess tab at the back of the fin base.

Good weed fins (like the True Ames Blade Weed) tend to be able to handle quite a bit more sail that most sailors think they will.
28 cm = 11" in the Blade Weed and I've used the 11" Blade Weed up to 7.5 m2 with fairly good success.
I'd check with Chuck Ames and see if he can cut back the base on a 32 cm (12.5") Blade Weed for you.
Hope this helps,

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