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Yes, good with some different opinions here. Normally I would say the same: Acids/Kombats/Kodes are better freeride boards. Earlier planing and faster and with a more directional type of feel when you push them in a straight line. But in this particular case I actually do think the EVO 80 is a good choice too. The E80 does in fact not have as much rocker at the smaller EVOs and even for me (a lightweight) it has a slightly more composed ride than the EVO 75 for example. I also have heavy friends that like it in high wind. So these things combined is what leads me to think the EVO 80 will in fact work well as a high winder for a 100kg sailor.

A PA 86 would work, but despite this board having a faster rocker, I think it will for a 100kg sailor feel smaller and loose speed in jibes and wind holes faster than the E80. A Kombat/Kode 86 would be a great alternative with a bit more beef in the tail.
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