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yes, kona is a good example of this sort of compromise

putting these wishes in practise, I bought a Bic Jungle (for the kayak seat inserts), and a North Duke 6.9 to have a simple but performing sail to go with. Yesterday, I tried it for the first time in lake Ecluzelles near Paris, by light wind. First I used it as a kayak and went around this beautiful lake, with a girlfriend who had rented a second kayak.

We stopped on an island to have a meal we had taken with us. Then, after completing our kayak tour of the lake, as wind had gone slightly up, I rigged the Duke 6.9 (which is very easy and quick with recent North improvements) and we sailed together on the Jungle (which has enough volume for two persons). I taught her a little bit of windsurfing, then I sailed alone for a while.

No planning, no foot straps, but great pleasure, I felt like 25 years younger. If I had only had my four short boards, this would have been another day spent waiting for the wind or doing something else.

On the water yesterday were also several Formulas waiting for planning, and thereby wasting their day for 10 seconds of it while I was having a great time.

I have nothing against high perf stuff and strong wind, I have an iSonic 76 for example, but really, I think we should rediscover calm, quiet, cool, simple, promenade windsurfing.

Concerning the possibility for windsurf companies to agree on a common design, well it simply exists in other areas of sailing and has been for a while. Many boats are "classes", i.e. a standard design built by several companies, which allows people to race simply together without having to buy 8 slalom sails, 4 wave sails and a ton of boards every year. I used to race a long time ago, I regret it has become a non sense for the common sailor now, among other non senses like boards 1 meter wide and 12 meters rigs.

Just try Bic Jungle with decent rig in light winds, you'll see. I may also have my old Lechner reshaped new by a shaper equiped with a scanner for the same purposes.
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