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I actually agree with you more than it can be read from my post.
Standard class: I don't know what to think about it. Look how many windsurfing classes were Olympic from 1984. and there was always a cutthroat fight between companies who will get the next games. (mistral imco holding the throne the longest if I'm not wrong, and many think that the new rsx is worse performing than an imco) So that's why I say I can't see ws companies agreeing on standard.

On one hand you are right, the standard would simplify many things for amateur racers. Maybe it would also streamline/unify (in a lack of a better word) windsurfing as a sport in the eyes of general public and sports federations worldwide. I don't know.
But on the other hand, "chaotic" development and diversity of the sport brought immense advancements in many areas (user friendliness, but at the same time high performance "radical" gear, earlier planing, more control, etc etc) that would be maybe neglected if the sport took "standard class" direction. Do I enjoy these developments compared to say 15 years old gear? Yes I do, and I pay the price of rd.
Of course, the biggest question is can these two aspects of the sport coexist together? (I'm not familiar with dingies, but I suppose there are significant developments there, where I live I only see lasers and fins)

C249 where are you, join the discussion ;-)))))

Btw, I've never tried that Bic Jungle, but I know perfectly well that feeling from your island trip. Last time I've done that in about 1996. If (when) I go back to lightwind sailing, I'm pretty sure it won't be a Formula, rather something long with a daggerboard.

"I may also have my old Lechner reshaped new by a shaper equiped with a scanner for the same purposes."
Now you're talking! (that's div2 Lechner not the longboard right?) I planned to take a div2 Lechner on my next trip to a very beautiful mountain lake (where the average wind is 3-4 knots).

Fair winds
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