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Default Go155 vs Carve 145

Currently I have three boards. Go 155 (about 2006 or 2007), Carve 145 (2005) and JP X-CiteRide 120 (2009). I am lusting after a smaller board now, and to get budget approval from the family CFO (wife) and need to sell one of the existing boards first. The JP has to stay - I know this is Starboard forum, but I love this board.
I would like to hold on to a board that will plane in the light summer winds we get here. So assuming I have a 8.5m sail and I weigh about 82kg - which board will plane in the lightest wind - the Go155 or the Carve145?? The Go has more volume, but it seems a lot heavier......
My decision is also complicated by the fact that my wife has expressed interest in learning to windsurf.
Any advice greatfully received.

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