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Hi Yankiwi,
I'd keep the GO 155 (esp. if it has the EVA deck)!
If you can get the CFO/wife into windsurfing, then of course there will be a few more boards and rigs in the family.
I suggest getting a really light weight trainer rig (Sailworks Retro Rippers are about the best) for your wife to really give here the best shot a windsurfing enjoyment right from her first time on the board.
A lesson or 2 with someone outside the family would be good as well.
I know you want to teach her, but that doesn't always work out as the best way to create a "windsurfing" oriented relationship.
Also, with your 8.5 m2 I think the GO 155 may plane a little earlier than the Carve 145 (esp if you put a bigger fin in the back of the GO).
Hope this helps,

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