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I have to sail half of the year with weedfins and found the following solution:

96 liter Fanatic Freewave (short us-box) with lessacher quatro Chamäleon 28cm. This is a good combo for Freemove sails size 5.7 to 6.7 with my 88kg

To modify the fin I did the following:

- Cutting the regular nose of the base in a way that the fin can exceed the box for about 1.5 cm.
- drilling a whole for the pin in the front part of the fin-base (regularly positioned in the back part of the fin-base)
- sawing out a nose at the back of the fin-base to hold the screw.(Because the fin outline has a cut out above the backend of the base you can insert the screw)

This procedere allows to place the fin in a more forward position that gave about an equal center of power compared to a regular fin. Especially for this board and sail combo this is crucial because you have to combine early planing/light winds with manoverability. I tested many alternative fins but this is the very best solution I found.

For Slalom/Racing/Freeriding or wavesailing the problem with the fin position isn´t that delicate. You only have to find a good weed fin (also not easy). I can recommend lessacher fins - very unconvential design/profile but best solution I have sailed (fast, good to acceptable early planing and upwind)

Hope you could understand my clumsy english!
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