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Hello All,
My case is inverse. I start in 1982 with a Carrera and Race 6,3 sail, then I quit and in 1995 start again as all of you loading a lot of Board bags boom bags and sail bags + fins etc...... in the roof of my little Fiat Cinquecento from 1996. Was very funny to see ( and think) that is more money over the roof than the car itself...... Then Marry......

Today I just have a wife, 5 kids, a Van and a Formula 161 Board, with 2 sails( Vapor 10 mt and 11 mts), 1 boom, 2 masts (one for each sail)+ 2 fins (Drake R19 + Select R03 DC Wide). With this quiver I can decently sail in almost all conditions form 10 to 25 knots. That is amazing. I sell my anemometer and now if is less than 15 knots ===>11 mts + Select if is more ( whitecaps), =====> 10 mts with Drake R19 ( thinking seriously in a Debo R13+6. ( half price for all the quiver than before).

This year I probably keep my board for another year and buy a 2nd Vapor 10 mts ( 2nd hand as a spare because my 10 is the most used). I know some of you think Formula is another sport, and nearly not windsurfing...... but it gives me a lot of TOW and fun. That is the really important thing when you have less time and a big non windsurfing family.

Saludos desde Chile!!
Thanks SB for the Formula.
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