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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Fine if it suits you but its just not relevant to be publishing all your "toys" on here.
Its just another part of the hype/BS.. We just play our part like good consumers without even realising we are been manipulated.

As I said our sport is endemic with BS...

Do you really need 5 boards to get max TOW/enjoyment ???

The boards we own/sail have nothing to do with the accuracy/helpfullness of posts ???

Looks like you're a fan of *B marketing conspiracy theory or what ? Please find below some of my answers to your *B BS claims as follows:

1) As a consumer, I never felt being manipulated by *B to buy their board. Nobody puts a gun over my head to buy their gear. It has always been my free choice to buy all the gear I wanted for what purpose I intended to do. Moreover, I do not agree at all that our windsurfing sport is endemic with BS. For example, you cannot go wavesailing with a Serenity obviously...!

2) Do I need 5 boards to get max TOW ? Yes if considering max TOW as getting maximum performance as of 2 knots of wind up to 45 knots, from dead flat water up to 2 m high swell:
- Acid 62 covers wind range 20-45 knots with 3.3-5.4 m2 sails for wave sailing and hardcore freeriding;
- Kombat 86 covers wind range 12-25 knots with 5.4-6.9 m2 sails for freeriding and light wind wavesailing;
- iSonic 53 speed covers wind range 12-22 knots with 6.6 & 7.7 m2 sails for speedsailing;
- Hypersonic 105 covers wind range 7-15 knots with 8.2 & 11 m2 sails for slalom and mini-formula sailing;
- Serenity covers wind range 2-7 knots with 11 m2 sail for ultra light wind cruising and long distance racing.

Do I want to go back to my first 1980 windsurfer in order to get the same max TOW as that of today? No way, that's BS all the way ! That antique barge had a ridiculously tiny wind range and sloppy performance.

3) "The boards we own/sail have nothing to do with the accuracy/helpfullness of posts".

Really? Sorry Floyd, it does matter simply because you don't know what you're talking about if you don't have at least tested such boards first hand. Let me show you 2 examples. No BS, but plain old first hand experience :
- Is it possible to sail Acid 62 in < 20 knots of wind on flat water? Yes, it's possible for my 65 kg. Is it fun? Not for my taste, other boards are way funnier on dead flat water like the iSonic speed gun.
- Is it possible to sail the Serenity in high wind? Yes, it is, see 2007 old report with a 4.x m2 sail in 30 knots wind by Roger. Is it fun? Not for my taste, I would rather choose my Acid 62 + 4.2/4.7 m2 sail in such strong wind and waves at my local spot.


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