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Default Changing your sailing style Evo to Quad

Hi Guys

Got an 81 Quad this week and had the happy combination of good wind and waves to test it yesterday, cross shore.

Great session, great board, well done again to Starboard.

The question is this having ridden the Evo for 6 years I am used to its style. The Quad did feel very different. I have read the reviews and threads and certainly the Quad does everything they say it does. But if I was pushed I would have said I would have been 'more comfortable' sailing the EVO 80. I realise this is because it is a new board style so I want and need to tweak my sailing to get the most out of the Quad.

Can you give us a few small pointers as to the differing technique needed to get the most out of it and then I can try those out.

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