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Default details on new Phantom320 Carbon? Best of allwind race/fun compromise

Hi Starboard team

When will you have more details (volume,weight) of the carbon version of new 320 Phantom race?

To every body:
Could this be best of the much-discussed hybrid trend?

Depending on the final planning threshold with a powerful 9.5m2 rig and fast jibe attitude this could be the best compromise for an ALL WIND course race/fun board.

Some time ago I was thinking of buying an hybrid board, looking for a good compromise on subplaning and closest_to_shortboard_feel in planing winds (the "real fun" part for me). But for all I read, all attempts were (with the exception of Bic Hybrid) too biased to formula and were really dumb in light wind. I mean, the railing upwind sensation of a longboard in light winds, it's also a real pleasure.
The hybrid trend hasn't got a wide spread, may be because the right spot was not found.

Now I got a Kona ONE, which I am really happy with it, but it's a pitty that there's not a lighter version (1-2kt earlier planning?) and no racing equipment (beating straps, adj. mast track ... ) so ... still looking for "my board"?

I clearly know the limitations of a single compromise board, but I like to think about how would it be the best one (in the above sense), and if my view are shared by others.

Many thanks and good winds to all

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