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Though not what I was hoping to hear, thanks for the input Ken and Roger! As far as my level, I am reasonably proficient. My favorite board is my 85L FSW, which is a blast in the large windblown swell we get on the high wind days. We get a fair amount of chop and windblown swell but obviously this is less on the light wind days. My gybing and jumping have been steadily improving. I get to sail about 40 days a year. I was hoping to avoid going the larger sail route. I think everyone I know has 7.5 as a largest sail. I thought that seeing as the 7.5 is a bit outside the recommended range for the carve, that simply a jump as small as a 122 futura (from 65cm to 72 cm) could transform the marginal 7.5 days where I am struggling to perfect 7.5 days , where the sail is in the sweetspot of the board. However, based on your comments it seems that is a pipe dream. If I were to get a bigger sail, which i doubt i will (lugging the 7.5 around seems bad enough) would going to 8.5 be enough or would 9 be a better spread. Part of me says the smaller the better. However, I have a 6.5 and 7.5 and though there is a notable power difference, whether I rig one vs the other is really only a matter of a few miles and hour. If I have a solid 20mph I can rig the 6.5, if it is 17-20 I'll rig the 7.5. The 7.5 is a retro by the way. If I were to get one larger sail, any recommendations? And also what size board to match? In the back of my mind though I still wish just putting my 7.5 on a 122 would do the trick....

By the way Roger, I think you do a great job with this forum!
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