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Hope you are better at sailing than understanding plain speaking.
Starboard do not need to put a gun to anyones head to get them to buy boards. !!! All they have to do (apparently) is make what is at best "optimistic" claims about their products. (see other threads/ loads of evidence both on this site/brochures/ etc etc where #B have "exagerated" (to put it mildly)
Amazingly there were people windsurfing before starboard started !!! And enjoying it; strong winds; light winds; everything...
The point re number of boards is probably over your head. Its NOTHING to do with how many boards you have/dont have/use/ have had; and NOTHING to do with justifying them either. I`ve had dozens of boards.Proud owner of probably 7 at moment. (And yes even I have been assimilated into the Star-borg (have a Kode and an Evo) and had a Carve upto recently. Point is its become common practice to list our numerous purchases (completing our assimilation) to help assimilate others into the "class".(Starboard started the trend)

I think Starboard boards are fantastic. (As are Mistral/F2 and Tabou) Starboard do not need to make the claims/push the boards/etc etc. Let them sell on merit. There are many sailors becoming alienated to the position Starboard take for this very reason. (The assimliation reference is not mine BTW; borrowed from another site)

Anyone who buys anything has been manipulated in one way or another.The world can be a little more subtle than putting guns to heads !!! For anyone who can read the evidence is abundant that Starboard do over play the hype game !!! Its obvious but that does not stop the boards being good !!! But there ARE other brands who also make some fantastic products. If we aren`t carefull there wont be !!!!

Read 2010 brochure.Apparently one of the boards is 15% more efficient than last year !!!!
How`s that calculated when manufacturers (including Starboard) cant even give accurate volumes/weights or sizes ??? Its simple BS/Hype.
Perhaps you believe everything you want to believe; the rest of us dont know what they are talking about when we question it !!!

And yes ; in some respects it does help to have (or had) a board you are giving specific advice about but
a) That does not preclude good advice coming from those that haven`t
b) Why list all the lot ??? If question is about Acid; fine include fact that you have one but dont then go on to proclaim to world you also have a freestyle and a freeride and a formula and a slalom etc etc. (Remi actually lists 22 boards !!!! it becomes meaningless !!! except to say to everyone " yep,its allright to go out and buy loads of kit " )

Its time #Board adopted plain speaking; lost the claims and dropped the BS !!! (I`m not the only one saying it !!!! ; read other threads !!!)

Dare I say it on here. My favourite board ??? Mistral Syncro RD 124. What do they say about that in their brochures ???? Have a LOOK !!!!No claims; No Hype just simple description.Then read Starboards brochure. (if you`ve got a few hours to spare)
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