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JM Wrote
- Acid 62 covers wind range 20-45 knots with 3.3-5.4 m2 sails for wave sailing and hardcore freeriding;
- Kombat 86 covers wind range 12-25 knots with 5.4-6.9 m2 sails for freeriding and light wind wavesailing;
- iSonic 53 speed covers wind range 12-22 knots with 6.6 & 7.7 m2 sails for speedsailing;
- Hypersonic 105 covers wind range 7-15 knots with 8.2 & 11 m2 sails for slalom and mini-formula sailing;
)- Serenity covers wind range 2-7 knots with 11 m2 sail for ultra light wind cruising and long distance racing.

Sounds great in theory

Few problems with this JM ???
A) Taking your average (mostly occuring?? (ie mode) windy day to be circa 20knots which do you choose ??? (First 3 include 20k; and probably first 4 (ie 15 knots is normally gusting to 20???)
B) There is so much overlap you are not getting any more TOW !!! Just different TOW
C) On a drive to coast what do you take ???? How bigs the van ????
D) Hypersonic does not plane in 7 knots.(We wouldnt need Formula if it did)
E) How many days do you go to justify the outlay ?? Retired ????
F) This is probably why there are so few newcomers ???? (5 boards ? 8 sails ??? and probably always on wrong kit (wind always changes through day in UK???)

But its top marks for consuming !!!!

Forget sailing in under 12 knots. Buy a kode 86 (and a canoe); covers the lot !!!
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