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Originally Posted by a.b. View Post
Nonopr< this is all about branding, my 9 year old has a 1.5 ezzy kids rig, he looks through the windsurf mags, and see's ezzy sail he say's to me this is the next sail i want to get, I have a GO 180 that he is learning on, now he see's starboard in the mag's same thing that is the next board I want.

So all I am saying is have cheaper packages in costco and get the names out there. Have a sail package with it. the board and sail companies might have to not charge full price but they would get the name out.
Marketing in COSCO is Negative marketing. To keep a brand in the #1 position you need to keep it near the core of the roots in this business.
There is no way that you will buy a rig In COSCO for your kid and then your kid when he gets to make his own decisions will buy Starboard, he will think Starboard is a cheap brand that he started windsurfing but then he want to be a cool cat and where does Starboard land in his marketing brain.
Believe me I am a sales rep for one of the biggest brand in the world in the surf industry and the last thing we want is to see our goods in COSCO unless you just want to make a big buck in a short time and then work for someone else.
So far Starboard has done very good with out having to go to any discounter for sales or to get rid of old inventory.
What they need to do is get a Full rig in the core shops in a price that will stimulate the non windsurfing market to start windsurfing and then we will see a lot more people not only starting to windsurf but to keep windsurfing for the rest of the life.
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