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Thanks for those posts.

I had another session this morning, before going out I noticed the two center fins were very very loose (on the verge of falling out!). I tightened those up and that has made a huge difference! (I rang the shop when I got back just so they knew, and they said someone else had rung in yesterday and had to do that after the first session out on their Quad 86 - the shop having fitted the fins themselves on both boards and tightened them to what they thought was enough - anyway there is some feedback there for you guys out there).

Today I would say I would not have wanted to be on the EVO (given a choice that is, the EVO still is a great board).

Chris I also found myself closer (occasionally slapping the water) current harness lines are 30 inch so I am thinking of shortening those to 28's (I am 6'4"). Have you tried this?

Would I also be right in thinking I may have to slightly adjust the sail choice (downwards). The board planes very well and tracks up very easily and it therefore seems it does not necessarily need so much sail as the EVO (we sail in a very gusty place so half the session you can be overpowered and half underpowered!!).

Guys check those fins are tight if you get a new one!
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