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Hi Remi,

My situation looks like the one of Andy and my feelings about the hybrids vs the old raceboards are simular. I have a Hybrid Formula and the FF-158 that looks like the F-type for lightwind conditions and despite the fact that my Hybrid Formula doesn't have very much hours on the water (just as al my other *boards due to work, family and kids) the board is starting to crack and I'm thinking off changing it with the 2010 tuffskin Phantom 320. I still love the total package the Hybrid Formula is giving me.

What are the differances between a tuffskin Hybrid Formula vs tuffskin Phantom 320?

- can I still use 11 meter racesail ( Hybrid formula with a 70 cm or the stock 60 cm fin) in planning and non planing mode?
- will It be as fast, lively and controlable in full (sometimes over)powered planning mode?
- as stable (80+ vs 70 cm width) learning platform for the kids?
- Phantom 320 beter in non planning upwind raceboard mode?
- Tuffskin Phantom 320 lighter?
- More durable tuffskin(2010 vs 2006)?


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