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I do really think your provocative hype/BS views against SB marketing are tainted with some misconception about what today's marketing is all about. I don't think SB is committed to spend marketing their products, year after year after year, just to stimulating, reinforcing and exacerbating people's consumerist fantasies to becoming as a bad, frantic and pernicious purpose as you describe earlier. Rather,I think your view is a typical representative of a shift in society against commoditisation, commercialisation and consumption. Your view and that of unregistered is typical of a new stance that is slowly building up in the collective consciousness of many people. Unfortunatley, you mix the marketing purpose with that of your own as seen as the "bad"/"hype"/"BS" propagating purpose that invariably results into increase in consumption, margin and profits for SB. In particular, I don't agree with you and unregistered that marketing is just about generating more commodities, just offering more choice than is needed (i.e., 5 boards is too much, too much quiver overlap, top marks for consumerism, etc...) and persuading people to consume more (look at Remi listing 22 boards).

Your satirical diatribe that marketing is only the art of persuading people to part with their cash for products they don't really want or need (Floyd cannot make his mind between the 110 and 125 L board; unregistered believes JM is always on wrong kit because 4 of them covers the 20 knots wind speed) is an unsounded misconception at the very best or total crap at the very bottom level of understanding and perception of what marketing is really conveying about. That Remis is listing 22 boards in his signature to make customers believe marketing is operating only at the promotional end of the business spectrum is a totally wrong and blinded perception. Remi is not Starboard single and only pitchman or salesman of that company. A single board quiver that covers everything is an impossible utopia to realize (i.e., Kode 86 and a canoe do-it-all magic quiver proposition of unregistered). Limiting yourself at 12 knots and telling the world that sailing below that arbitrary limit is crap is typical of a poorly blinded vision that promote there is no FOW without planing.

Guys, it's about time to remove the blinders in front of your eyes and start accepting there are many forms of enjoyment with 1, 2, 3 or 22 windsurfing boards no matters the conditions are. I see no enjoyment sitting on the beach sipping a beer while waiting for the wind to increase to 12 knots to go out windsurfing when exciting kits exists to enjoy windsurfing in 1-3 Bft wind. Moreover, not everybody has the chance to live near a spot where it blows year-long 12 knots and above. Light wind windsurfing can be as exciting, rewarding and as challenging as that of above 12 knots. And yes unregistered, I'm on full planing mode and as fast as a Formula on my hypersonic in 7 knots wind as evidenced by countless drag racing since Nov 2002. Absolutely zero need for a Formula for my light weight. Adding a 10.6 or 11m2 sail has multiplied my number of planing session by a factor of 2. Adding a Serenity has increased that number by a factor of 4, therefore vastly increasing TOW year-long. Finally, newcomers are coming in at our local spots because they are amazed by seeing me having tons of fun in all conditions. Both young guns students/scholars as well as oldies but goldies full time job holders and retirees.

Lastly but not the least, what's wrong Floyd and Viking with team riders listing all of their gear ? Sorry, I don't get it...

Cheers & happy ride on the water guys, no matter the kit and/or conditions!

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