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Race sails are very specialized tools, and not usefull unless you are
- competing in slalom
- very experienced, and skilled
- are willing to buy the top of the range (i.e. expensive) mast for the sail

You have speedwise already maxed out the capabilities of good freeride sails, and you are most probably the fastest at your beach already.

You would use the 6 m2 race sail in winds where everyone else is enjoying themselves on 4.5 - 5.0 sails (and at your stage in the learning curve a smaller sail that is still powerful enough for comfortable planing is the ticket to progress).

For us others good freeride and freerace sails make much more sense, even in big sizes.

My take is that the handling advantage of a camless freeride sail in a 6.0 size well equalizes the potential higher performance of a cam sail. In bigger sizes, above 7.0 cams may be worthwhile. Cam sails typically feel a litte stiffer, like holding on to a wall, while camless sails are more like a dancing partner.

And to hone your jybing skills camless is certainly the way to go.
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