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Marketing is just that "marketing". Every company has people that put the best "spin" in their employer's product. Starboard is under some pressure at the moment with AA winning for JP and a tough economy worldwide to sell its product in. The fact that AA became a winner on Starboard products is true. Did AA test the JP boards and, regardless of monetary incentives, he just "knew" he had to switch? Now that's true marketing BS! Look at AA's interview on the home page where he talks about the Isonics giving him the "edge" while he no doubt was negotiating with JP at the same time - he got paid to promote Starboard and now he gets paid to promote JP. I don't see anyone attacking him for his promotional "hype"! These guys spout BS all the time because they get paid to, but that's O,K, because it is simply promotion? Starboard's claims are no more exaggerated than what JP is claiming - they're both trying to sell product and you do what you feel you have to do to accomplish that. The more interesting question for me is just how much influence does the advertising dollar have on the magazines that test these products?
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