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Angry New 2010 iS94 - Look of the board?

Dear Starboard
I received today my new iSonic 94, but what a big disappointment the look of the board is. The overspraying on the deck look really like a back yard spray job. In the past 8 years, I purchased 13 star-boards (this is no. 13, maybe this is the problem) and part of the fun of buying was to receive a board of high quality in all aspects. The overspray really destroyed the look and is a great disappointment for me. I can't see any techinical benefit and was just wondering what on earth was starboard thinking allowing such look. If this is what the market is asking, then I don't know. Certainly, I am not part of that market demand. Also, a surprise for me that the board is supplied without a fin? A first time for me. The dealer did not inform me about it, so I end up $250-$300 short on my budget after paying already a high price for the board. Last year I purchased an iS76, this year I paid 600$ more for iS94 and the board is supplied without a fin. Just not feeling right to me.
from a disappointment Star-board sailor.
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