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Default wood for more control woodcarbon for more lowend performance ????????

Hi guys,

I have been sailing iSonics and Futuras for 4 years now and apart for the straps being too big for me and the space of the straps too wide apart (on the iSonics) I have no complaints to write about as far as performance goes. Having said that, I was reading a thread the other day and came across the above comment (see title). Is that true? I mean the JP boards are the lightest boards on the market and I haven't heard anyone complain about less control. The JP boards weight is amazing. I remember comparing my 2009 futura 93 to a 2009 JP super sport 100 and although I prefered my futura over the super sport when I picked up the JP board my jaw just dropped. The difference in weight was huge. And my board was one size smaller as well.

Lastly can you please confirm that the Futura 93 2010 will not be made in wood carbon (any reason why) and if the red option is still available.
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