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Default Big Carve versus iSonic for lightweight


Several years ago I bought a Carve 151 on my dealers' recommendation.
I wanted the earliest planing board that wasn't a Formula shape.
I didn't want to use anything bigger than an 8.5m sail.
I sail it mostly with the 8.5 and sometimes a 7m sail.
I use the stock 52 cm fin and a 44 cm fin.
I am 64kg.

The 151 is 265cm long and won't fit in the van I am about to get.
I was thinking of a replacement, but was thinking about an iSonic.
I DEFINITELY DON'T want anything that planes later than the 151, but would appreciate something smaller and faster.

Should I buy a smaller Futura or an iSonic?
If so what size?

(The iSonic 121 is about as wide as my present Carve and can take a 50cm fin
The ISonic 131 is wider than the 151Carve.

The Comparable Futura's seem narrower for the given volume.)

I also have a 90 litre crossover board and and an Evo 70.

Advice please!

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