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Deja Vu
It's not "everyone is doing the same, they just try to sell their products". Here is why: Starboard is using an EX TEAM RIDER (and PAST results, which are not here this season), others aren't, no matter do you like someone's marketing hype or not.

Imagine 2009 Neil Pryde brochure bragging about past Dunkerbeck results. Now add Thommen and North (alongside Starboard and Severne, his current sponsors). And that would be OK, because he used their equipment before?

JM I knew you were going to get flak because of that "hyper planing in 7kts" (happened before ;-). I know it's not impossible, just not typical, and far from optimal.

Floyd, now if we could drag Grumpf over here, THAT would be fun. Or maybe not ;-)
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