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We`ll just have to agree to differ; would be nicer if you actually got my point but !!!???

I dont care how many boards folk have/use/buy beg steel or borrow.Its absolutely irrelevant.

Points is its become the norm to publish how many you own; a trend started and encouraged by starboard. Its not complicated JM !!! The reasons are for it to become the norm to over purchase in an effort to cover every condition/type of sailingIn itself almost an impossibility; but thats to the better.

Second point is ; many folk are getting a bit tired of hearing just how good Starboards are. You read it on here; see it at beach and its comes from the company.A sailor buys a Starboard (sometimes even their first board; often a Futura !!!) and low and behold its best board ever built. Fastest; best gybing etc etc when in reality its "just" a good board (like loads of others)

What starboard do best is convince the people that they do make the best boards !!! (With this Forum and site and brochures and Sponsoreds Sailors (hundreds of them)..!!!
In other words the HYPE !!! And yes it works... !!!

Not posting on this thread anymore. You`ve got the idea I dontt like hype/BS/marketing.

Windy this week; might get the kode going. (Which is one of best boards I`ve ever ridden !!!)

Good Winds

Grumpf Two
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