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Well, it's a design... and the wave boards got it too. I think it looks kind of fresh, but what do I know?

I don't know how the thoughts went before ditching the oem fin, but other brands also supply the slalom boards without fins, and competitive slalom sailor usually have their own quiver of high end fins anyway. And there have quite a few people that have requested Starboard to stop supplying the fin and instead lower the prices. Now the price went up anyway (at least where I live) but that's for different reasons.

But in any case, your dealer should have informed you about that fins are now longer supplied for iSonics. The message from Starboard to distributors have ben VERY clear about this.

Anyway, I hope you will sort things out and be happy with the board. The 94 seems particularly exciting this year, so please tell us how you like it.
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