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I agree marketing can for sure be overwhelming sometimes - and not just in windsurfing. And I guess that this is something all brands do, it's just that Starboard both has a big program and sells a lot of boards so therefor gets noticed. But even my sail sponsors (Hot) does it and often the difference is not so big. It's more about perception. And if you look at the this forum, you will in fact seldom see advice that just "markets" the latest and greatest. Of course, marketing affects us all, but nowadays its easier than ever to also get serious advice (on forums all over).

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Points is its become the norm to publish how many you own; a trend started and encouraged by starboard.
This I don't understand. I see the trend (in windsurfing as well as skiing, photography, computers and pretty much whatever) but I don't see how Starbord started it and are promoting it?
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