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If you want an indication of Starboard's corporate culture - How many other brands are brave enough to have an open forum where anyone can say anything? Starboard are secure enough to let people judge for themselves the bias (both positive and negative) that forum poster bring in.

How many brands have laughed and scoffed at Starboard's developments - only to join in 2 or 3 years later- Gos (which led to the awesome watertime option that is Formula sailing), Freeride Carve and Futura, Modern waveboard design ( evos), modern slalom board development from the isonics.

meanwhile Starboard runs away with the market share because they were willing to take a risk and do some r and d.

SUP is a great example - check out all the other windsurf brands jumping on board now (look who is laughing now.)

As long as Starboard keep thinking outside the box and opening up TOW envelope for everyone then they can say what they like as far as i am concerned. I am intelligent enough to make decisions for myself based on tests, test rides and visuals. Not every board Starboard make is a winner for me - but they have made so many awesome boards over the years that they are always my first port of call.

If you want to take a victim mentality then fine - you will be forced to buy 22 boards! But i reccomend taking control of your life and thinking for yourself instead.
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