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Ian Fox
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Hi Van,

The Futuras (and iSonics) can definitely be made lighter in Wood+Carbon tech, which offers an advantage in earlier planing in lighter winds and on flatter water.
What might suprise some people to learn is that in more powered, choppy and rough conditions, the ride of the Wood option is generally the choice of all our testers, and notably faster across rougher water conditions in this range.

This is a function of what we are terming "Dynamic Shape Stability" (see product technology page) ; the board's ability to maintain its shape while sailing. Flying at high speeds over water, the board is subject to distortions in all directions: bending, twisting and compression. This distortion is greatest where you can't see while you're sailing: on the bottom of the board, in the area in front of the fin box. Shape distortions in that area reduce the efficiency of the planing surface.

Accordingly, for 2010, the Wood+Carbon option is offered in the models & sizes lighter winds and bigger boards (ie : calmer conditions use), where this construction will be most effective and/or beneficial to riders.

In smaller boards typically used more often used in higher winds, rougher water and with a strong performance emphasis from "control" (example Futura93), the Wood version has shown to maintain more efficency under higher loads and tested better than Wood+Carbon in real world use. In harsher, rougher conditions, the Wood+Carbon also gave a ride/feel/handling that (in the end) becomes too harsh, too direct and too "chattery" across chop at high speed, whereas the Wood ride provided the ideal mix of crispness plus "damping" of impact across chop, making it not only easier to ride across rough but also potentially faster in these conditions.

For 2010, the Futura range is offered only in blue (yes I agree it's not so good - as I want a new RED one too !)

Cheers ~ Ian
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