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By the way, I was looking at the specifications of my board comparing to the new Futura 155 and the Go 155 (I chose these because they have similar volume). Of course I am comparing the tufskin boards.

--------Start S (2004) / Futura 155 / Go 155
Volume (lt) 150 / 155 / 155
Length (cm) 235 / 249.5 / 249
Width (cm) 85 / 85 / 85
Tail (cm) 56 / 57.2 / 59.5
Weight tufskin (Kg) 13 Kg / 11,20 / 11,95
Fin size Drake Shallow 410 / Drake R13 Race NR 520 / Drake R13 Race NR 520 S-Flex + Shallow 410

So to my understanding (I am not an expert so please advise) there is a difference:

a) in the length (both futura and go are 14 cms longer boards). I guess this makes them a bit faster but more difficult to turn.
b) in the tail although futura is very close to mine
c) weight around 2 Kg.
d) and fin size.

So my (perhaps naive) conclusion is that if i make my board lighter by removing the centerboard cassette and if I put a better fin (e.g. Drake R13 Race NR 520) the performance of my board will become close to the performance of Futura 155 Tufskin (only the length differs) ? Or am I wrong here ?
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