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Question Alternative technique for getting upwind on plane effectively.

Hi there,

I got into this article: upwind.pdf, from Guy Cribb, which teaches getting upwind in pretty different way from what I learned before.

Essentially, he says in this and other articles, that "closing the gap" by raking the rig back is a bad thing in most cases (excluding full race-on sails) as it kills the power. I remember I got this issue, that in some cases when raking the rig back I was losing the power, but I was never able to really narrow it down.
Guy Cribb says you should actually tip the mast forward and into the wind, when planing upwind.

Another interesting thing I read is in high winds you shouldn't actually lean out as much as you can, because it pushes the board too much sideways. Instead, when overpowered, his advice is to stand more upright, slightly sheet out and battle with the board, not with the sail.
This is quite contrary to other technique I've heard about before, which is lean out and don't sheet out. See here:

I'm not questioning anything I learned here (thanks Roger for tons of help!), just wondering how such a different technique can actually work.

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