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Hi Ian, Ray, Davide

Many thanks for clarifying that although I personally would prefer a lighter board as my experience over the years has shown that lighter boards are more responsive, have a better feal under the feat and of course plane earlier (planning issues of course don't come into play when talking about small boards which will be used in strong winds).

One more question I have for Iain is on a different note. On the iSonics and in particular the 101 which I have had a couple over the years and I think the board just rocks, personally I was never a fan of the square nose but when it was introduced Starboard wrote 'Innovation ! The low, square nose concept allows for an ultra- efficient rocker line that glides effortlessly through chop.' This year I see we have gone back to the normal rounded/pointier nose (which I might add looks great) but what happened to the 'Innovation' part. Has that now gone out the window? Also I have to say again on a personal note, not a big fan of the double winger concept. I understand the logic/theory behind it but Starboard introduced it last year no other company has gone along with it yet and unfortunately the results have not come (of course there are more reasons behind this than the double winger concept). I understand that Starboard has to stick with the concept now that they took the plunge last year but personally I don't think the concept is going to be here to stay and I think it's going to be yet another Innovation/Marketing gimmick which has been and will be gone.
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