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Default Futura 122 2010vs2009vs2008

Hi there,

I own a Futura 144 and I am very satisfied about this board when surfing af 4-5 Bft with 7 - 9 m2. sails. Now I want to buy a Futura 122 for more wind (5-7 Bft with 5,5 - 7 m2. sails). My weight is 92 kg. and I do windsurfing for more than 25 years (so experienced). I think the 122 will be the best choise for me. I wonder what are de differences between Futura 122 version 2008, 2009 and 2010. Probably small differences, but what about for example topspeed and control in choppy conditions ? Please some advice.

Thanks and good surfing to you all.
(Netherlands / Holland)
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