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I think the closing the gap part is to get your speed up to max but with newer freeride sails it is harder to close the gap. (see past articles in windsurfing magazine.) Before trying to head up you need max speed and then point up with your body forward.
My "smaller" sail, Gaastra Remedy 6.4 does not have a wide, low foot so yes, to close the gap I'd have to really rake it back.
But my other sails, 2-cam Gaastra Swifts (7.5 and 9.0) are have large foot and it is natural to close the gap with them.

Originally Posted by vikingsail View Post
As far as the second point in overpowered conditions I've learned to raise the boom an inch or two to get myself over the board when I've felt the sail and board trying to pitch me off. This of course is done along with tightening the downhaul and then the outhaul to try and depower the sail and maximize sail range. Never really thought of it as applying more downward force, just found that it worked to raise the boom.
Agree with the downward force when the boom is rised, but when overpowered the usual advice is to actually LOWER the boom, to get more control and also put some weight off the rig to the board. At least this is the advice I've heard many times.
I like to have my boom high, but when really overpowered I used to lower it a couple of cm.


P.S. Thanks for explanations, Roger.
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