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Ian Fox
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Hi Van,

When you look at an overview lineup of the 2010 iSonics, it's easy to consider the square nose is not so prominent this season, but when you look a little closer the differences (while still there) are actually very subtle - especially on sizes 100Lt+.
- if you keep the smaller , narrower and pointier nose smaller iSonics out of view and look at the lineup (range) of 2010 shapes iS101 and larger, it isn't so hard to see the major DNA of that original "cut" (square) nose is still there and working like it did originally.

There were more than a couple of people who were not visual fans of the distinctive square, cut off nose look that featured on the earlier iSonics - most notably those above 100Lt - despite the fact that it was a very functional outline. The newer iSonics above 100Lts have a visual softening (rounding) of the square nose, but in actual area (outline) comparison (if you compare say a template overlay) the functional difference is in area/s is very small - yet many would suggest the visual improvement is great

On the smaller iSonics (both older and newer models ) below 100Lt the squared nose was never really so prominent (yes, we tested a lot , and no, it wasnt so dominant or successful on smaller sizes).

A lot of details that could be assessed as visual can be OK to some, and not so sweet to others. In the case of the iSonics, its very clear to say that the design of these is ALL about performance - and primarily nothing goes into those boards unless we are convinced that it provides the best option available in the current generation design/s. Thats' to say, iSonics's a race/performance design above all else, and an ugly fast board would always be the choice over a beautiful, slow one. Much nicer to have a beautiful, fast one - but you get the idea! (want fast, ugly? Look at 2009 F1 !)

Again on the winger concept, there were a couple of crew on the team who were also not so impressed with the concept - or even considered it could offer advantage. Kev who ? But again, this is one concept (like it or not - and not all of us do visually!) that has been proven in full head to head testing on a number of board versions to be a more competive solution with winger than without - and yes, even those negative to it on our side are now convinced (at least from performance perspective) that the winger gives a better overall result in the current design.
~ Whether it (or any other feature) remains in future development will be governed not by the value of any innovation or marketing claims, but by the results of relentless logical, clear and consistant testing showing whether one design works better than the other. If some of those designs feature new, or unconventional concepts, it should be logical for riders to want to understand why (and how) these features could present some advantage.

Cheers ~ Ian
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