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102 will have enough bouyancy for you to even uphaul it, but don't buy a (coastal) board based on bouyancy. Potential problem is, it's a big jump in size - from a 150 to a 102..... Most sailors go to progressively smaller boards as they improve, but I think there is no point in having a board like the Kode (maneuverable fsw, etc) that's too big. Maybe you should consider a freeride design of around 110-120l l at this stage (carve, futura, etc)
If you are sure what you want, you could go for a K102, but if you haven't used anything smaller than your 150, you may want to try/sail some boards between 100-125l before buying. You may struggle a bit in the beginning, but since you can waterstart reliably, in the longer run you'll enjoy it more.
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