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Hi Matt,
Since you are findling alot of Tushingham Sails, I take it you are somewhere in/around the UK, right?
Tushingham T-Bird No Cam sails are pretty good and Ken has given you some really good advice here.
Look for a 6.5 m2 as your next sail (check the closeouts, at the end of the season, as you can make some really good deals) and get a 460 mast (higher carbon is better as weight begins to become a factor in 460 cm masts).
Then look for a 7.5 and eventually (if you have really light winds) perhaps an 8.5 and a
490 mast.
As Ken suggests, if you have really light winds (< F4 Bft) (11-16 knots) then a 7.0 might be a better call for a fellow your size on the '09 Rio M.
5.5/7.0/8.5 T Birds would make you a very wide range, easy to rig quiver.
Hope this helps,

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