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Default World's best windsurf gear for this condition


I want to buy the world's best windsurf board and sail for the following conditions:

- Sailor weight: 70 kg/163 lbs.
- Sailor experience: assume medium to high.
- Wind speeds: 6 to 10 knots (dec-apr) and 15 to 20 knots (may-nov).
- Water conditions: mostly choppy. Wave height is around 1 meter/3ft (dec-apr) and 2 meters/6ft (may-nov). Wave frequency is around 7 secs.
- Windsurfing type: freeride, flatwater blaster, bump and jump.
- Decision criterions: speed, strength/durability, and control for fast jibes.

I've been looking into a futura101 or kode94 coupled with a Neil Pryde Excess 5.9 or Hellcat 6.7.

I'm a little bit concerned because where I live (Cartagena, Colombia) it is unusual to find flat waters.

What would be your best/dream gear for a condition like mine?

Thanks in advance,
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