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Hi F McGree,
You could try a Hydroblade on your Carve 161, but you would have to take the board to a professional repair shop and have the inserts for the 2 screws that hold the Hydroblade to the board added to the bottom of your board. And, just where would you put it for max. "Hydroblade" effect?
Also, the Carve 161 does not have the concave area (designed into the new Mistrals) that works with the Hydroblade.
Carvbe 161's plane pretty early, with good technique and a large enough rig for the conditions, so I'm not seeing how adding the Hydroblade would give you much if any gain in early planing.
Mostly, on the Carve 161, if you aren't planing pretty early, you aren't getting far enough back on your board to lift the nose and get the pitch axis of your board optimized to "slide" up onto a plane.
Gotta get your weight back until your front foot is at or between the front footstraps.
Hope this helps,
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