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Default Board Repair Advice please

Any advice appreciated from users who have maybe done this before or know some good info. Thanks!

Here is what happened and what I am thinking of doing...

Well just jumped too high and go blown down wind a bit too much by a gust (yes I was maxed on a 3.7) which resulted in a flatter landing than ideal. I planned away and didn't realise the damage until I finished my session. Dam!

There is a now a crack all the way across the width of the board going around the rails and stopping at foot strap padding. Not sure if it goes further on top of deck, or if the core is split. I simply don't know.

My aim is to repair it so I can use it just as a riding board, so i plan to strengthen it just enough as i know it will probably break if I push it too hard on jumps (it must be a very weak point now).

I have sanded it back to the glass/carbon layer and I think I will just put 1-2 layers of glass and resin it over the point, to just up the side of the rails. I don't see it worth taking the foot padding off as just too much hassle to I will just do the bottom and rails.

Main Qs I have are: How am I doing? Should I use glass, or carbon? which better? Can I just use same resin and technique with the carbon? How big area should I sand away? Need more sanding?

Thanks in advance!


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