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it must have been a hell of a jump...

The crack looks really seems that it goes all the way around the board...if this is the case, you need to take the foot pad down and put some fiberglass there as well, or it will braek very soon.

In my opinion you should sand a bit more, I would do 20-25cm on each side of the crack...just to be sure...put not only one layer, I would say 3-4 layers with reasonable overlap, take some finer fiberglass (60-100g/m2)...that way you can have more layers at small thickness. Carbon as well as aramid is possible, the less weight of the fibers the finer structure, the more you can put layers, the better.

About the resin, once it works for glass it should work for carbon and aramid as well.

PS: it is pretty big surface, do it under vacuum. If you can't be carefull.

Ciao Michal.
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