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Being a short bad tempered kind of bloke thought I`d better reply too. (even though I said I wouldn`t!!!)

Its difficult to express a negative point and still applaud what starboard have achieved. (more than any other single manufacturer???)

I dont like the flashy brochures/hundreds of sponsored sailors with all the associated costs ;yet when I purchase a board I still have to pay for them !!!! Perhaps those that dont like the "hype/marketing should get a 50 discount ? Wonder how many would pay ???

Boards prices are approaching 1300 ; for 7kg of material ... I would like to see a break down of that 1300. How much is marketing ???? I suspect far more than any other manufacturer ?????But it works ; which IMO says something about the consumer not the supplier. (Mark H ???)

And the info on website/brochures is not what I use to buy a board.(I bought an S type like that and learned my lesson !!!) Only real way to choose a board is to try it !!! (And even then it takes a while; 2 or 3 hours in right conditions sailing with a mate and or GPS)

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And none of them are toys !!!!

Good sailing !!!
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