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Default Large sail for Futura 111


I came to search for an advice for to buy a sail for ligth windy days:

I sail in a dam inland (Flat water), with winds in the peak of summer arround 9/ 10 Knots, with the Futura 111 and a NS X-Type 7.3, witch is rather difficult to get planning.
I weigth 65 Kgs, and I'm a normal sailor (planning, jibe, water start,...)

I'm sure I must have a bigger sail for this ligths winds.

I was thinking in something like the V8 Hellium 8.5 (about this one I read that was builted for this Kind of situations and according the weigth of the sailor... so, I supose for my weigth was the 6.5 ??? but, on the other hand, than, I wonder, can I sail with that in 9/ 10 Knots ?) or, should I go for Hellcat 8.2 ... !?

What would you recommend ? Or do you have other sggestion ?

Many tanks
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