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Default Kode 112 or Futura 111 a better board to gybe?

Canīt decide between the Futura 111 (or 122) and the Kode 112.
Iīm 87kg, mostly windsurf in 0.5-1m chop, sometimes 1m+.
I have Severne sails Overdrive 5.5, Element 6.5 and NCX 7.5, mostly use 7.5 or 6.5 though... I consider myself an intermediate in skills, used to run a slalom board 107L.
Now Iīm looking for a board that is reasonably fast but also gybes well (carve/duck gybes), got to test the Kode 112 woodcarbon ones but didnīt find it especially easy to keep on the plane in the gybes with my weight and skills, does anybody know if Futura 111 gybes better i.e stays on the plane easier? Or is the 122 a better gyber?
My highest priority would be a board the stays well on plane in gybes, wether narrow or wide.
Have to decide in a couple of days so I would be thankful for any advice or if somebody has any experience of the Kode 112.
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